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how to create users for Amazon & register them using php? So that when these users send requests for downloads they will be identified by unique acces key & along with the rights assigned to them the will sent response of the link of the file in my AWS accountusing php.

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hmmm.. something is wrong somewhere?? What exactly are you trying to do? You need help in implementing registration in your site hosted in AWS? –  Shoban Mar 3 '11 at 4:44
I have my files in AWS. When my client want to download that file, he sends request to my site not AWS. I will check whether the user is a paid user by license key & if it was the first time I want to create his account automatically & store his access key & secret key in my site's database. So when he requests for the second time , he will be identified by the license key & the url of the file stores in s3 along with acces key & signature will be sent to him. I dont want him to deal with s3. –  Angelin Nadar Mar 3 '11 at 5:25
wouldnt this be more of a server sided issue like PHP + MySQL? –  t q Jun 19 '12 at 23:26

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