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Hi I have a zendframework project. Now it is running in my domain (http://www.mydomain.com). I want to modify some portion of the site. So I decided to copy all the files and folders to its sub folder (http://www.mydomain.com/zendwork). Is it possible?

I heard that there is a problem in the relative path? Thus so how I change the entire path in an easiest way?

Thanks in advance

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Yes.its possible but u need to set the path in .htacess file.

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Only the files under the "public" directory need be under your document root. The rest of the codebase ("application", "library", etc) can exist anywhere.

The APPLICATION_PATH constant and include path defined in the public/index.php file dictate where to find the rest of the application.

The other consideration is to make use of the BaseUrl view helper when linking to JavaScript, CSS, image and other "static" assets in your views, eg

// view.phtml
<img src="<?php echo $this->baseUrl('/images/foo.jpg') ?>" alt="foo">

To move your application then only involves moving the "public" contents and editing index.php.

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