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How to use mesh() to draw gaussians in 2d, inside this Matlab function...

function  G(Mean,Cov,c)

icov = inv(Cov);
det_cov = det(Cov);
const = 1/(2*pi*sqrt(det_cov));

xx = linspace(Mean(1)-3*sqrt(Cov(1,1)),Mean(1)+3*sqrt(Cov(1,1)));
yy = linspace(Mean(2)-3*sqrt(Cov(2,2)),Mean(2)+3*sqrt(Cov(2,2)));

[x y] = meshgrid(xx,yy);
my = y-Mean(2);

z=const*exp(-0.5*(icov(1,1)*mx.^2+icov(2,1)*mx.*my +icov(2,1)*my.*mx+icov(2,2)*my.^2));
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Simply replace contour with mesh.

Also, try not to use Mean and Cov as variable names. mean and cov are Matlab functions, and while the spelling is slightly different, you're still setting yourself up for some hard-to-find bugs.

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