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After having my VPS upgraded to CentOs 5.5, I began to experience frozen / disconnected shell sessions if I had neglected them for a certain amount of time. Very annoying. The solution I found was to edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and set the ClientAliveInterval to the desired number of seconds. My understanding is that this essentially substitutes for activity from the client user (me) and so keeps the session from disconnecting.

Having initiated a shell session after making this minor change, I seem to be able to maintain a neglected session. However, just because a thing seems to be working doesn't mean the best, or even correct, approach was necessarily taken.

Is there a better / different way to prevent a shell session from freezing?

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The ClientAliveInterval value can increase the sshd timeout, you can try the following command as well

echo "TMOUT=300 >> /etc/bashrc

echo "readonly TMOUT" >> /etc/bashrc

echo "export TMOUT" >> /etc/bashrc 
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