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I have a simple question. What do I use as a DataFormat when saving a png to the clipboard.

An example that works for Bitmaps is:

DataObject data = new DataObject();
data.SetData(DataFormats.Bitmap, customObject.ToImage(ImageFormat.Bmp));

My problem:

DataObject data = new DataObject();
data.SetData(DataFormats.**???**, customObject.ToImage(ImageFormat.Png));
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You can register any serializable type with the clipboard provider:

        Image image = Image.FromFile(@"D:\Documents\Projects\....\myimage.png");
        DataFormat format = DataFormats.GetDataFormat(typeof (Image).FullName);

        IDataObject dataObj = new DataObject();
        dataObj.SetData(format.Name, image);


        IDataObject clipboardObj = Clipboard.GetDataObject();
        Image clipboardImage = (Image)clipboardObj.GetData(format.Name);
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+1 This is the correct way to do this. Thanks. –  Jay Riggs Mar 4 '11 at 16:00

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