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I am planning to submit my app to the App Store and would like to know possible reasons for my app being rejected from the App Store.

I have gone through Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, and have also read many blog posts regarding it. Are there any possible reasons for rejection that are not stated in the Human Interface Guidelines?

Additionally, my app's home screen looks somewhat similar to the home screen of iBooks. Should that be a cause for concern?


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you should read the App Store Review Guidelines

I quote one for you:

10.2 Apps that look similar to apps bundled on the iPhone, including the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore, will be rejected

this does say explicitly iBook store. But with apple you are never safe. But when your app is rejected it won't kill you.

Tweet about it, blog about it, then change it and submit again.

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Here you can find a very good list:

Avoiding iPhone App Rejection From Apple

This list helps me a lot!

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Note that Apple rejection can be appealed, provided you have good reasons why they should actually let you do whatever you do.

I have had the experience of winning such an appeal, so it works. On the other side, there are human beings that try to be helpful and make sure the end product is ideal for users. If your sincere opinion is that your application is best for users as it is now, they'll probably come to the same conclusion as you.

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I had a similar experience. –  zekel Mar 26 '12 at 20:46

From 1st May,2013 onwards if we don't support iPhone 5 app will be rejected.So iPhone 5 support is must.

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