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I am new to Cassandra and I am having some difficulties fetching data. I looked into the function:

list<KeySlice> get_range_slices(column_parent, predicate, range, consistency_level)

But, I do not understand what the column_parent is supposed to be. Anybody any idea?=

Thanx, Granit

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column_parent is basicly used for indicator of ColumnFamily(but in rare cases it can indicate a supercolumn). In java you would put : new ColumnParent("Posts") there. but there should be one more parameter for namespace in get_range_slices query, I guess you are not using thrift but a client api. then you should check your client's documentation.


the definition of ColumnParent in cassandra api :

The ColumnParent is the path to the parent of a particular set of Columns. It is used when selecting groups of columns from the same ColumnFamily. In directory structure terms, imagine ColumnParent as ColumnPath + '/../'.

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Frail is correct, but the real answer is "don't use raw Thrift, use one of the clients from http://wiki.apache.org/cassandra/ClientOptions instead."

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