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what is the meaning of this anchoring tag format

<A href="#some name">
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In layman's terms:

It is intended to link to a section of a page (specifically, it's usually a div or anchor named 'some name') rather than link to a new page. It can be used to link to a section of a new page other than the start also.

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Should be more like

<a href="#some name">Some Text</a>

If you click on the link, the browser will automatically jump the element with id or name "some name", e.g.

<div id="some name">
    Some more text.

You will also see that the URL changes. The generic format of a URL is (more or less):

<scheme>://<host>/<path>?<query>#<fragment identifier>

The fragment identifier is what you are talking about to and it refers content inside the page. The href attribute above actually contains a URL, a relative one. That means, this URL should be interpreted relatively to the current URL.

If you current URL is


then clicking on the link will lead you to


As already said, the fragment identifier refers to a part in the current page, so the browser does not reload the page but just jumps to that part.

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