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Have you ever created code that didn't do what it was meant to do but ended up doing something cooler? A bug that (actually) was a feature or created something new by accident?

For example when I was first learning to program. I started playing with demo graphics code from hornet.org in assembler and c. I was trying to change some code to do what I wanted. I accidentally ended up with a moving plaid and a rotating palette that turned out to be a pretty neat looking effect.

Anybody else have something like this happen while coding?

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I've had plenty of happy accidents with C. "Oooh.. incrementing a pointer does THAT? SWEET!"

In my professional life, I once accidentally wrote some code that cleared a complete database. That was a good mistake beacuse it taught me to never, EVER do that again. Some happy mistakes aren't happy at the time.

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On high school, i was trying to make a degradé from white to yellow on a square in C and running it in ms-dos, writing directly the pixels to the screen.

I accidentally made what looked like a beer glass, with a very cool efect of white and yellow foam on top.

Never understood why it was doing that, but indeed it was cool.

For my classmates at the time i just replied "Ofc it was just this that i wanted to do. it's perfect!"

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I just got the confirmation when editing saying "i'm a human being" lol great –  fmsf Feb 5 '09 at 21:33

I was tinkering with rolling my own "waiting" graphic of just 5 or 6 dots that pulsed with one getting big then shrinking when the next one got big. The gamer in me thought "hey this reminds me of Pacman" so I tweaked it so it looked like Pacman. I probably spent a couple hours tweaking my Pacman graphic.

I never ended up using any of it. I should see if I can find it...

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Haha, I remember one!

I was making a report builder for a web application, which used a form (some selects, some text inputs, etc.) to filter and group some data and return a spreadsheet on the fly.

One of the fields parsed a list of numbers from a text input (using regex) to use as filter for the data, returning only what contained any of the numbers in the list. Pretty useful, and it worked flawlesly since the first test, ignoring all weird characters and correctly picking up the numbers... with one exception: the asterisk. If you typed '*', it returned everything, no filtering.

"Wow! This is useful!" I decided to keep it as undocumented feature for sysadmins only. Still used in production today. :)

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