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I need a solution for cancelling a long-running select statement. I'm using Spring 3.0.2, iBatis 2.3.0 and Oracle 10g. I managed to get it to work with plain JDBC, but because the select is generated dynamically through an advanced search screen, I really need to use iBatis.

The iBatis internal class responsible for the creation/retrieval from cache of prepared statements is com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.execution.SqlExecutor. The internal method called for every call of queryForList()/queryForObject() is SqlExecutor's

public void executeQuery(RequestScope request, Connection conn, String sql, Object[] parameters, int skipResults, int maxResults, RowHandlerCallback callback) throws SQLException method.

Due to performance reasons, iBatis creates a new prepared statement only if one does not already exist for the given select statement. The prepared statements are stored/cached in a HashMap where the sql string is the key and the prepared statement is the value.

After trying different other solutions with no success, I think it might be possible to work with AOP (AspectJ) to try to pointcut the SqlExecutor.executeQuery() method and somehow store on the HTTP session the iBatis cache map and sql string.

When the user will try to cancel the long-running query, a check will be made from another thread to see if a prepared statement already exists in the iBatis cache map for the given sql string, previously stored on the HTTP session through AOP. If one does exist, a Statement.cancel() call will be issued. I don't see why a solution like this might interfere with the iBatis internal mechanisms since if the prepared statement will be canceled, an SqlException will be thrown (ORA-01013 user requested cancel of current operation) and Ibatis will properly handle that as any other generated SqlException.

Using Spring AOP is not an option because it only allows you to pointcut methods declared in objects managed by the Spring container. I cannot declare SqlExecutor as a Spring bean, because it is created and managed internally by iBatis.

Haven't yet tried the above solution with AspectJ since I'm not quite familiar with the AspectJ framework.

I'm not sure if this is the right approach for this, but I didn't find another solution to cancel a prepared statement created by iBatis, as iBatis doesn't seem to offer any support for this (have also checked myBatis).

Any answer will be highly appreciated.

Thanks, Andrei

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Have you tried getting a reference to the connection which is running the statement, and invalidating the connection?

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