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i have this problem with my models.

class Message(models.Model):
    user = models.ForeignKey(UserProfile)
    text = models.TextField(max_length=160)
    voting_users = models.ManyToManyField(UserProfile)

    def __unicode__(self):
        return self.text


class UserProfile(models.Model):
    user = models.ForeignKey(User, unique=True)

    def __unicode__(self):
        return self.user.username

I get this error when i try to call message.voting_users:

message: Accessor for m2m field 'voting_users' clashes with related field
'UserProfile.message_set'. Add a related_name argument to the definition for

I'm actually new to django and i don't get it how i should use related_name attribute.

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As it says, voting_users, needs a related_name argument because it clashes with an already defined related field, message_set (an automagic property created by django for your first ForeignKey, Message.user)


You must supply a related name argument to either of your ForeignKey / m2m fields to define a unique accessor for the reverse relationship.

For example, the reverse relationship for the Message model on UserProfile is UserProfile.message_set. If you have two ForeignKey's you're attempting to create two different reverse relationships with the same UserProfile.message_set method.

user = models.ForeignKey(UserProfile, related_name="message_user")

# would create a UserProfile.message_user manager.
userprofile.message_user.all() # would pull all message the user has created.
userprofile.message_set.all() # would pull all Messages that the user has voted on.
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when i use message.voting_users.add(user) /*user is a UserProfile*/ i get "DatabaseError: no such table". – user642958 Mar 3 '11 at 13:04
create the table :) If you've been trying to syncdb, django would have complained about the related_name clashes.. – Yuji 'Tomita' Tomita Mar 3 '11 at 13:06
"create the table" - that's harder to me than you might think ;) like i said, i'm new to django :( – user642958 Mar 3 '11 at 13:33
since it looks like you are in development, it would be easiest to use python manage.py reset <app_name> to have it create your tables automatically – Yuji 'Tomita' Tomita Mar 3 '11 at 13:56
thank you very much! now everything works fine! – user642958 Mar 3 '11 at 16:56

The problem is that both voting_users and message_set have the same attribute name user. related_name allows you to define an alias for one of the attributes that you can use to avoid name conflicts.

(Edit: Wrong link)


This question is very similar to another question listed here: Django: Why some fields clashes with other

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