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I'm able to make Facebook apps. But I have some problems. The documentation highlights this example: http://www.facebook.com/cocacola?v=app_161193133389

My apps are getting included as iFrames, even when I specify FBML - Coke's is more embedded. The "like button" generator creates a different style of like button to Coke's. Coke's uses a built in Facebook CSS stylesheet. Coke also has FB style links down the left side of their page.

Does anyone know how I could go about making an App like that? The documentation really does not cover it. Even useful web-links would be great. Thanks!

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Actually, the link to Coke is not an application, but a FB page. The like button showed is the standard like button that you get when you create a page, which is different than the one that you obtain when you use FB social plugins.

They are very different things. A page represents something: a business, product, service, etc., while an application is, well.. an application. Note that pages can hold applications in their tabs, or just normal (and brand new) iframe tabs.


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-1, it's a Facebook app inside the Facebook Page Tab! –  ifaour Mar 3 '11 at 22:34
Well, if I click the link I don't see any application, just a regular iframe tab. And the links he's referring to... I bet they are the tab links in the new page layout –  Manuel Pedrera Mar 3 '11 at 22:40

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