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Can anyone suggest me good source (Easy examples) for cucumber and rspec tutorials (rails 3)???


Actually I am looking for free online resources with good examples..

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I think the RSpec Book is an excellent resource on Cucumber, RSpec and BDD.

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Agree - the RSpec Book provides a wealth of information. I found getting the flow was a big problem in the learning. The book gives you the quick intro, then dives into details and by the time you surface your head will be swimming. It takes a couple of goes of reading the book to get the finer points.

Another great read is a blog post by Sarah Mei called Outside-In BDD. This dialog really help to make things gel since it's demonstrating the application of Cucumber/Rspec in the context of the flow a developer would go through.

Then there is the classics such as the Railscast from Ryan Bates. There are a couple of episodes on Cucumber and other tools and the snippets give you a nice overview after you've soaked up the RSpec book.

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For Rspec you can read the Michael Hartl book "Rails 3 tutorial" there is a lot of testing examples : Here the online book

For cucumber, you can watch teachmetocode screencasts (website) . There are good examples using cucumber when building an application from scratch.

Hope it could help!

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Screencast walk-throughs can be good sources to grok them

Peepcode has a few, like this one on Cucumber, which has been updated this year - so I'm assuming it's good for rails 3

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