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I have a file stored in the drupal file table. I need to get a $file object to save as a CCK field. How can I get $file object out of the file table in the DB?

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Maybe not the best option, but I use field_file_load(). You might have to cast returned file to objects:

 $file = (object)field_file_load($fid);
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$fileObject = db_fetch_object(db_query("SELECT * FROM {files} WHERE fid = %d", $fid));
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If you know the ID of the file, you could just use a query

$results = db_result(db_query("SELECT * FROM {files} WHERE fid = %d", 3));

You can of course alter the query to match your known information.

Depending on your result, you may also want to use db_fetch_array or db_fetch_object.

Then you can use $file = field_file_save_file($path, $validators, $drupal_destination) to save if with the help of CCK FileField.

Now you can use $file array to store as CCK Field.

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