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I have a report structure like this:

The structure of my tablix The grouping outline

And the output of this report is like this.

The output

But I also want a third table which contains the differences of the first week and the last week.

Is there a way to do this in SSRS?

desired table

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try this Calculate Column difference in Matrix. download sample report

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I have never done this but I guess you would have an identical table without the top level group. Though you could place an extra column there without a group and call it differences. In the data set properties sort by week of the year, then in the data box you would have the expression:

=first(Fields!Data.Value) - last(Fields!Data.Value)
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If no other answers work, I would just try to do the aggregation in your query because SSRS isn't as flexible as most would like when it comes to separate tables/matrices, grouping and aggregation. If you need help with that query please put a comment below and I'll help out.

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