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I want to show the form when someone presses a key in my java swing application when it is in system tray. I have tried adding key listeners, but it didn't work. I know this can be done by using Popup menu. But I want to know can java swing app can detect keystrokes when it is in system tray? can anyone help me to do this. Thank you.

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You might look at JIntelliType ( but this will only be a windows solution. There may be something similar for other OSes. This library provides global hotkey registration which is what you need.

Update: looks like they reference a similar API for linux also.

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This is correct. Jintellitype does exactly this but is Windows only since it uses the Windows native API to accomplish this. JxGrabKey is a similar library available for Linux. As far as I know there is still now Mac OSX solution – Melloware Mar 17 '11 at 14:38

You can use the JNI to hook into Window's Window-Event-API, i think, but this is complicated. A more simple but slightly hacky way to do it is create a link in the Start>>Programs menu, set a key-combination there, then with that link call your program into windowed-mode or fullscreen-mode.

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JIntelliType does this... see my answer. – cjstehno Mar 3 '11 at 14:24

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