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I am interested in learning network programming and I want to make this question the starting point and learn concepts of implementation as I track the answer.

FYI I kinda am familiar with the idea of sockets, ip address, gateway etc but not to an extent that I can figure this answer myself. Before I jump to programming I want to understand the underlying principles.

I hope you understand what I am asking here.

FYI+ The machine is on a different network. Even with the ones on the same LAN, typing in browser won't connect but start->run->ip would. Why ?!

Thanks in advance.

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the browser will use the port 80 unless specified using http://{ip}:{port}/

so on the remote machine the port should be opened

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Could it be a DNS/Host File problem? What happens if you type in instead?

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It's about the protocol you are attempting to connect with. A web browser will default to http (unless you type ftp://..). The browser will also attempt to connect anonymously on the default port of 80.

Typing the IP address is attempting a remote connection using windows domain authentication which is totally different.

You would need to have a webserver running on that machine and the machine would need to allow http requests to the webserver's port number to get a response from a http request although it will be a different response.

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