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I need to access the data contained in a dbf file in COM/C++ application (created via ATL). How would I do that?

I've been reading tons of msdn articles very instructive about the OLE-DB provider-consumer model. However, what I need now is a quick tutorial or code sample.

Note: I am by no means no expert in COM/ATL programming :)

Thanks in advande.

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I found this old Tutorial in Code Project but it fits my needs by now.

Thanks anyway!

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thanks for the link to the Code Project tutorial! – Richard Chambers Apr 29 '14 at 3:38

I would use ADO; it's by far the quickest way to get going, even with dealing with the COM aspects of it. Start here. It's much easier than rolling your own Consumer implementation, unless you really need to lower-level access that doing OLEDB directly provides.

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