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I'm trying to make OpenCV work in Eclipse CDT, provided that I'm using the following under Windows 7:

I have set the path for Includes under Cygwin C++ Compiler as follows: C:\OpenCV2.2\include\opencv

And, also set the path for Libraries under Cygwin Linker as follows: C:\OpenCV2.2\lib

When I try to build the project, I get the following two errors:

cannot find -lC:/OpenCV2.2/lib

make: *** [OpenCVDemo.exe] Error 1

Any ideas why am I getting that?


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You need to add C:\OpenCV2.2\lib as a library path, not a library. Add libraries that you will use:



Also you may need to use include directory C:\OpenCV2.2\include\opencv2 and #include <opencv.hpp>.

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