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I have an application where javascript code is accessing java applet methods that write on local disk (just to note - this is not directly possibly, but there is a workaround for it that enables to do so). Applet is self-signed applet, so users have to allow it to run first.

If applet's codebase is set to "http://..." everything works fine, in FF, Chrome and Opera as well. However, I would like to put this applet on local file system. However, if I use codebase "file://..." (I also tried to not use codebase at all and write directly full jar path to archive) it does not work, applet does not load with Warning-Security pop-up that enable user to allow running the applets.

I only tested it in FF ( so far, Java version is

Are signed applets limited only for HTTP use? Or is there some workaround?

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2 Answers 2 there some workaround?

Perhaps using the JNLP API services in an unsigned applet will work better. I have a demo. of the JNLP FileContents object.

For details on using the JNLP services in an embedded applet see the links to the 'next generation plug-in' in the applet information page.

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Thank you for answer. Unfortunatelly, I would like it to run also on older versions of Java. If no other workarounf exists I will try it however. So is it impossible to run signed applets from local drive? – user643734 Mar 3 '11 at 21:34

Applets loaded from the local filesystem are allowed to write files only in, or below, the directory containing the applet. So, if the applet is in C:\MyProjects\MyAppletTest it will be able to read and write files in that directory and its subdirectories, but not in C:\MyProjects. You can override this behavior with a policy files as explained in Quick Tour of Controlling Applets

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