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varitem = match.SubMatches(1) varitemthis = p_variables_list.Item(varitem)

result of

response.write  match.Value &" "& varitemthis &" "&varitem & "<br>"


{{name}} rrrr name
{{site_root}} www.site.com/ site_root
{{mail}} sdddddsssdfffrrrsdf@ssrsssr.com mail
{{code}} code

result of

p_template = Replace(p_template, match.Value, varitem)
response.write p_template

all right, but

p_template = Replace(p_template, match.Value, varitemthis)
response.write p_template

nothing... why? what's wrong?

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You need to make your questions more readable. –  smartcaveman Mar 3 '11 at 18:51

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A couple of things...

Remember that the Replace function is case sensitive

Do some basic trouble-shooting by making sure you have values.

Response.Write "Original p_template = " & p_template 
Response.Write "match.Value = " & match.Value 
Response.Write "varitemthis = " & varitemthis

p_template = Replace(p_template, match.Value, varitemthis)

Response.Write "New p_template = " & p_template 
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thanks! just this work! varitemthis = varitemthis & "" –  Andrew Spilak Mar 5 '11 at 9:50

In Classic ASP the Replace function is not case sensitive.

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