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I have a windows service that has a config file. That config file will be changeable by the user.

When I change the code and have to re-install the service the config file will be overwritten.

What I don't want to happen is the end-user gets the config file all configured the way they want, me make code changes, build the installer, run the installer and the customized config file gets squashed.

Does somebody know of a way that I can compare the config file, in the installer, against the already installed config file?

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What installer technology are you using? Wix? Installshield? Something else? It's probably hard to do from an installer to be honest. We have a similar issue when updating user settings files. For this, we wrote a custom xml parser application that preserved "new" sections and only updated the bits it needed to update. We packed both the installer and the new exe we wrote in a chaining application and ran them one after the other internally. To the user, they are still only running one installer, but internally it's running an installer and a utility for updating a config file.

Not sure if this helps in your situation, but it's certainly one approach you could take.

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Visual Studio Deployment Project and ProjectInstaller class in my project – hobbyman Mar 3 '11 at 15:17

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