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I'm using the class designer in Visual Studio 2008 and when I add properties to my classes they are created with an empty setter and a getter that throws a NotImplementedException. In the properties window there's an option called "Auto-Implemented" which is always greye out. Is there a way to change the settings for this so by default new properties will be auto-implemented or some way to turn this option on so I don't have to keep editing the code each time I add in a new property?

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AFAIK, you can't. I asked this at Barcelona a year or so ago - I don't think anything has changed. Basically, as I understand it, this is done directly (not via an editable snippet).

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Still valid answer with VS 2010 Ultimate :S –  Meligy May 2 '10 at 10:05
Also still valid for VS2013 Ultimate :( –  Ytrog Jun 5 at 14:06
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For visual studio 2008 you could install this "power toys" that give you another option to class designer menu "create auto-implemented property"


i'll waiting this for Visual Studio 2010 too... else it's so annoying

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You can create field, and encapsulate it(Refactor->Encapsulate field).
This can help for simple properties.

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