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I am have modular structure in my project


Now when I generate the models and database using doctrine ( ./doctrine build-all-reload ). it genrate the classes

class Car extends BaseCar
{ }

abstract class BaseCar extends Doctrine_Record
{ // code removed }

for zend to pick up these classess I have to rename them like this

class admin_Model_Car extends admin_Model_generated_BaseCar
{ }

abstract class admin_Model_generated_BaseCar extends Doctrine_Record
{ // code removed }

Is there a way that I can genate the classes with prefix MODULENAME_MODEL_CLASSNAME?

So I don't need to change it.

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I tried this one but did not work… – Developer Mar 3 '11 at 15:55
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Add these lines in application.ini file / module.ini file.

doctrine.generate_models_options.pearStyle = true
doctrine.generate_models_options.generateTableClasses = false
doctrine.generate_models_options.generateBaseClasses = true
doctrine.generate_models_options.baseClassPrefix = "Base_"
doctrine.generate_models_options.baseClassesDirectory =
doctrine.generate_models_options.classPrefixFiles = false
doctrine.generate_models_options.classPrefix = "admin_Model_"
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