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Environment :

Intel Core 2 duo, 3 gig RAM
Ubuntu 9.10, Grails 1.3.5, Spring security plugin 1.1.2
JVM Parameters : -Xms512m  -Xmx1024m  -XX:MaxPermSize=512m  

Starting an application that uses the grails spring security plugin is very slow. I found this reported here. The work around suggests setting the anonymous key as that seems to be the slow down due to SecureRandom - "set a key manually using " .

I set this within Config.groovy to no avail.


Where a number was used for someuniquekey. It still takes forever (~30 seconds) to get past the Configuring Spring Security... message.

Any ideas? Am I setting this in the wrong place or the wrong way?

Thanks, Steve

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two further questions regarding this: 1) what computer are you using (CPU, RAM, OS) and 2) are you using any JVM memory parameters? – Stefan Armbruster Mar 3 '11 at 21:22
You should really upgrade the plugin to 1.1.2. Would be a good idea to upgrade Grails version as well because it has some troublesome bugs that will bite you later, depending on how far into dev you are and how much control you have over upgrades. – Gregg Mar 4 '11 at 4:29
The question has been updated with more environmental info. Nothing fancy for the JVM parameters, just some normal memory stuff. I upgraded to spring security 1.1.2, but didn't see any noticeable startup improvement. Probably needed to do that anyway. Thanks for the suggestion! – ptsw Mar 4 '11 at 14:12
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By 22 Miscellaneous Properties

the key should be


But I try it, even not no change after set.

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Thanks much for the answer! That answered how to set the key, but I didn't necessarily see a startup improvement either. I did notice another property "active" that I set to false and it did improve startup time considerably. Another thing I noticed was the schema generation was taking some time. Removing the "dbCreate" in DataSource also helped speed startup. Of course those properties need to be set properly for production. But at least there's an acceptable development solution. Thanks again! Steve – ptsw Mar 8 '11 at 14:28

You can set the next var in Config.groovy

environments.development.searchable.bulkIndexOnStartup = false
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I found my problem is not totally related to Spring Security, since I install Searchable, and has some amount of data inside the db, the slow startup mainly due from the Searchable build index, when startup.

You can find the solution for the Searchable startup setup here,

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