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As instructed in the README and here, I've installed Cython (v0.14.1), FreeTDS (v0.82 using MacPorts), and I already have XCode installed with gcc.

I've run into build errors during python install: a lot of undeclared name not builtin: with things like strlen, PyMem_Malloc, PyMem_Free, PY_LONG_LONG as well as a few ___ is deprecated, use 'cpython'

Google found me this thread where someone addresses the first error (changed to from libc.string cimport strlen, strcpy from from stdlib cimport strlen, strcpy.)

Now I'm getting: _mssql.pyx:650:34: Cannot convert Python object to 'const_char *'

Here is the file that these issues are coming from

My question:

If I have not prepared my system correctly for pymssql what have I done wrong?


If the _mssql.pyx file is using deprecated imports how do I fix them?

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The 650 line is dbValue[0] = <BYTE *><DBBIT *>intValue After checking the definition, they are no Python object or const char here. Can you confirm that you have that line at 650 too ? – tito Mar 3 '11 at 17:42
Oops I linked to the trunk version of the file, I'm building from the tag 1.9.908. I've updated the link. – rennat Mar 3 '11 at 18:07

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Have you tried building 1.9.909 from the trunk? It builds cleanly for me, where .908 did not.

Unfortunately I get import errors even though there is a successful build and install: Building pymssql on OS X

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I have pip installed so I obtained Cython using:

pip install Cython

I went to and got the cvs command to download the latest source (User Guide then "What to build: Packages, Tarballs, and the CVS repository"). To build this, ignore the instructions on the web site and look at the file INSTALL.CVS in the root of the repository you just downloaded. When you run ./ use:

./ --with-tdsver=7.0

the will create a configure script then the configure script will get the switch. You need to be using 7.0 for python to work with TDS and MS SQL. After the you do a 'make' then a 'sudo make install'.

Now you need the pymssql tarball. Unpack it and run:

python config
python build
sudo python install

that should do it.

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This fork compiles like a charm:

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