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I use the Bing Maps Control and try to cluster Pushpins which are near together on the screen. Do somebody know a finished Solution for this ? I only can find solutions for the AJAX Control: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/keithkin/archive/2009/03/07/customizing-pushpin-clustering-with-virtual-earth-map-control-api.aspx

My Approach: Basically i loop through all items, determine the Size of them and add them to the layer or not.

That works principally, but if i want to add 1.000.000 items, i create 1.000.000 UIElements to get the Size of them and that is really slow (And needs much memory!) Is there any other approach ?

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But you'll always need the number of items in memory that you want to display; I don't get the question... –  Grant Thomas Mar 3 '11 at 16:58
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I have not used it yet personally, but I have found a 3 part article concerning Server-Side Clustering, which for over 5000 data points would be the better choice than client side.


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I've seen this article - also not tried it. I need to implement client-side clustering in Bing Maps Silverlight so looks like a good fit


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