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I have some limited experience using the Flash JavaScript API to observe and manipulate SWF files. I would now like to observe and manipulate FLV videos from JavaScript. The API that I am familar with (Play(), TotalFrames(), TCurrentFrame(), GotoFrame(), etc.) operates in frames, whereas I want to operate in seconds.

So either I need an Flash JavaScript API that is based on time, or I need a way to find out the frame rate of an FLV from JavaScript, so I can translate frames into seconds and vice versa.

Note that I do not have control over the generation of the FLV files.

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Do it from within in flash anything in javascript is nothing but a dirty hack –  Raynos Mar 3 '11 at 17:06
I can't avoid JavaScript. I have a JavaScript application that uses the HTML5 JavaScript API to observe and control a running video. I want to enhance this code to also support FLV video played by the flash player. I don't want to re-implement my entire app in flash. It should be a simple matter to add support for the flash player. I only need to do a few simple things, like stop/start the video, find the current position, and seek to a new position. I have already done these things successfully from JavaScript in past projects. The only missing piece is translating between frames and seconds. –  AlpineCarver Mar 3 '11 at 17:38

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