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I'm looking for a simple free heat map plugin for silverlight, can you recommend of such simple tool?

to be more specific : 1. I have a large amount of lat/lon points (say, few millions), and i want to create an interactive but very simple tool that could show a heatmap of these points on a map. I need the tool to enable me to zoom in and out, and to be able to refresh every 1 hour.

I'm sure someone already implemented such a tool in silverlight. there are some paid tools that do the job, but i need something very simple and for free.


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Your specification is to say the least on the sketchy side. An instance of WriteableBitmap would seem to me to be a reasonable tool to acheive this. Did you have some specific type input data in mind?

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I have a csv that has simple coordinates. i'm looking for a tool / code that can read these coordinates and show them on a map, but not as points but as a heatmap. –  Adibe7 Mar 5 '11 at 12:06
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