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I have a user control which acts as a footer for my website and uses java script jqdock.js to show apple type bottom menu. I added an update panel to the usercontrol. What problem I am having now is, it works fine initally but once I click the mail button which is in the usercontrol , the whole user control dissapears, after postback i guess. below is the usercontrol and code view:

enter code here

public void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {

   // Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptInclude("bottomMenu", "../js/jqDock.js");
    ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptInclude(this,this.GetType(),"bottomMenu", "../js/jqDock.js");
    //ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, this.GetType(), "bottomMenu", "../js/jqDock.js",true);

//design view

<%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="ucBottomMenu.ascx.cs"
Inherits="uc_ucBottomMenu" %>
<div id="dockWrapper" style="position: fixed; background: url('user/use.png');
padding: 10px; margin: 0 auto; width: 700px; height: 100px;" class="noprint">

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
<div id="dock">

  <asp:PlaceHolder ID="phEmail" runat="server"><a id="hplEmail" runat="server">
        <src="/dock/email.png" title="Email" alt="Email" /></a> </asp:PlaceHolder>



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sorry its *<asp:PlaceHolder ID="phEmail" runat="server"><a id="hplEmail" runat="server"> <img src="/dock/email.png" title="Email" alt="Email" /></a> </asp:PlaceHolder> – Mr A Mar 3 '11 at 17:41
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You need to register a startup script in your codebehind to call a function to re-initialize your jqDock. This is becuase after the UpdatePanel postback, everything inside of <ContentTemplate></ContentTemplate> gets replaced.


ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, GetType(), reInitjqDock, "reInitjqDock();", true);


function reInitjqDock()
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how to acheive that – Mr A Mar 3 '11 at 17:49
Looks like you have the code commented out in your example. Use ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript instead of ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptInclude. – rick schott Mar 3 '11 at 17:50
i tried that but it doesnt works. – Mr A Mar 3 '11 at 17:52
I do understand the theory behind it , but I dunno how to implement the above example , I am learning jquery . IT will be great if u can help me solve this step by step. like should I have to declare a function between content template and call that function code behind.. something like dat – Mr A Mar 3 '11 at 18:02
Hi, I have tried the above code with no succes , the usercontrol dissapears after first click – Mr A Mar 4 '11 at 12:08

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