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Is there any Open source web conferencing solutions in Java, which could support features like a shared whiteboard, presentations, audio, video, Record / play back presentations etc? I am looking at some thing like WebEx, but also have a whiteboard to draw/share presentations.

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I know that this question is old, however, I need to clarify that in BigBlueButton yes we use Java in the server side, you can check the code in the github repo:


In the the client side is done with flex, and for the desktop sharing is done with a java applet...

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Do you know OpenMeetings?

It uses Java but not solely. Other languages like Flash are also used.

The only alternative I know is BigBlueButton (GPL version available).

But it does not use Java at all..

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BigBlueButton is implemented in Java. –  Andreas Kuckartz May 4 '12 at 11:00

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