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I am running this function below:

    $('.cancelbutton').click( function() {


            var reset_formdate = $('#adate').val();



The issue Im seeing is after this function is ran the value in in the field adate flickers at least 10-15 times. Any ideas why it would do that? Never seen this before. It doesnt matter what field I put a value in, if I add the value to the field after the reset command the value in that field flickers. When I mean by flickers I mean the value shows/hides really fast like its blinking. I ran Firebug in Firefox while this was happening and it doesnt show any additional calls being made. Any suggestions?

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Looks like I figured it out. I had the function inside a js script that was being return via a ajax call. I moved the function to the page itself that was making the ajax call and now it doesnt flicker.

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