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I have two (slow loading) data sources. I can start working on data source 2 as soon as it's loaded, but need the data from both 1 and 2 to work on data from source 1. So I have some code like this:

$.get 'url2', (data2) ->
    $.get 'url1', (data1) ->
        # do stuff with data1 and data2
    # do stuff with data2

But, I want to load them in parallel, instead of sequentially (i.e. I don't want to wait for data source 2 to load before starting to load data source 1).

Are there any nice design patterns to do this?

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var one = $.get 'url1'
var two = $.get 'url2'
$.when(one, two).then #both
$.when(two).then #just two

use the new $.when from jQuery 1.5.

here your loading them both in parallel. And using the "promises" returned from $.get to run some function once they are ready.

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Great idea. Do you need the second $.when? And can't you just use done instead of then (which takes 2 - done/fail params) –  Amir Mar 3 '11 at 19:09
@Amir the second when could be two.done #just two you need the first $.when so that the #both function only triggers when both are done –  Raynos Mar 3 '11 at 19:14

Create a helper class like like this:

class DeferredExecution
    getExecuteFunc: ->
        (x...) =>
            if !@onExecFunc
                @args = x
                @onExecFunc x...
    onExecute: (func) ->
        @onExecFunc = func
        if @args
            @onExecFunc @args...
            @args = null

And then you can simply do:

deferredFunc = new DeferredExecution()
$.get 'url1', deferredFunc.getExecuteFunc()
$.get 'url2', (data2) ->
    deferredFunc.onExecute (data1) -> # gets executed only after we get the data from url1
        # do stuff with data1 and data2
    # do stuff with data2
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