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If I have an HTML element with a value in it:

<span id="mySpan">23</span>

How can I retrieve this value (23) and use it? I've tried something like:

var num = $("#mySpan").text();

Does not seem to work... Will I be able to use it as a number to add other numbers to it?

I need more coffee...

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works fine on my side var num = $("#mySpan").text(); console.log(+num); –  kjy112 Mar 3 '11 at 19:17

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You want parseInt. You should also make sure that the selector is returning the DOM elements you expect it to.

var num = parseInt($("#myspan").text(), 10);
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Make sure the DOM is loaded before your code runs:

$(function() {
    var num = +$("#mySpan").text();
    alert( num );
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