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I want to refactor code like this:

int x=4;
int y=x;

How can i do this automatically in Eclipse so x's type promotion to long would cause dependent variables to change their types also:

long x=4;
long y=x;


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How I usually do is that I change one of the upstream variables to long. This causes Eclipse to give error from each assignment where you offer long instead of int. Then I just select ctrl-1 (Quick-fix) on each of them and pick "change variable x to long".

This works when the new type is not directly assignable to the old one.

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To make it a bit faster, you can navigate to the previous/next error with ctrl + , / ctrl + .. –  Federico Nafria Jun 6 '14 at 14:01

I don't think you can do this directly using the refactoring tool in Eclipse. However, what you can do is place your cursor over the variable x and hit CTRL + SHIFT + G to find all references in your workspace. This will then allow you to change any dependent references.

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