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I have a database table with a sortOrder column. I display this list to the user and they use jquery to resort the list, then save it back to the server.

After the reorder the list I get a new list in the correct order of all the IDs in that database table.

I need a good way to update this new sort order to the database. What I want is to query the database with a custom sort order based off this list of IDs I get back from the user. I can then step through that list and increment the sort order from 0.

Bonus points for code in VB, although C# is fine too.


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You can't store the sort order in the database unless you have a sort order field in the datatable (or an association with a sort order table that stores the original table's field as an FK). If you have this field then in your linq query do, OrderBy(x=>x.SortOrder)

So you have database record projection

   public class ObjectFromDb{
        int Id{get;set;}
        int SortOrder{get;set;}

When you get the IQueryable<ObjectFromDb> queryable and the int[] newSortOrder , do this:

     var oldSortedList = queryable.OrderBy(x=>x.SortOrder).ToList()
     foreach(var i=0;i<oldSortedList.Count;i++;){
        oldSortedList[i].SortOrder = newSortOrder[i];
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I want to update the sort order in the database. I have an array coming in with {5,3,2,6,1}. This is represents the IDs with the correct sort. The DB will have the the columns like this (id|sortOrder) {6|1, 5|2, 4|3, 3|4, 1|5, 4|5} –  Nate Mar 3 '11 at 19:49

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