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I want to play multiple tracks simuntanusly and mix them. Apply effects like flange, reverb, chorus any one know a sound engine working on iphone?

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Have you heard about fmod? Take a look at this website

Hope it helps.

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Take a look at The Amazing Audio Engine:

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Check out Superpowered. Looks pretty powerful.

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Hi..Could yot tell me how to save teh output file to docuemtn directory from Superpowered – Bharathi Oct 15 '14 at 11:57
@Bharathi, have you ever found this? I am looking to save audio output to a file? – Hemang Sep 19 '15 at 10:33
Hi.. Yes I done my own algorithm to save the output file..We need to use the default iOS codes to get the out put – Bharathi Mar 1 at 12:54

OpenAL is pretty powerful. It can take multiple sources (upto 32 i believe) and play them at the same time. Check this link out. Hope it helps.

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BASS audio library also has an iOS version with a shareware license that costs 125€.

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Also there is this very nice cross platform Audio API for iOS and Android called Cricket Audio. You can refer to it from the below link:

Cricket Audio API for Games and Other apps

Hope this helps you.

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You might also want to take a look at Novocaine, which is really straightforward to use.

share|improve this answer provide a nice framework that helps a lot while working with audio.

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I'm using something like Cocos2D Simple Audio Engine:SoundMaster engine. But it has better memory management, cross-fade effects and other features.

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