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In my winforms I have mdi form. Here I want to make all forms as child of mdi parent.

My forms structure are like this.

MainForm (Mdi parent)
FrmEmployeeDetails(child of MainForm)
FrmNewEmployeeDetails(child of FrmEmployeeDetails)

When I execute the project.form NewEmployeeDetails is opening outside the MainForm.

For FrmEmployeeDetails I coded like this.

FrmEmployeeDetails EmployeeDetails= new FrmEmployeeDetails();

FrmNewEmployeeDetails is child form of FrmEmployeeDetails.

For the form FrmEmployeeDetails I am creating NewEmployeeDetails as like this.

FrmNewEmployeeDetails newemployeedetails = new FrmNewEmployeeDetails();

How can I make FrmNewEmployeeDetails as mdi child of MainForm.

Thanks in advance.

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you should make this

FrmNewEmployeeDetails newemployeedetails = new FrmNewEmployeeDetails();
// Set the Parent Form of the Child window.
newemployeedetails.MdiParent = this;
// Display the new form.
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i have done this in form. FrmEmployeeDetails.but how can i make the MainForm as mdi parent of FrmNewEmployeeDetails. –  Shyam s Mar 3 '11 at 19:54
create the FrmEmployeeDetails and mark it as MainForm 's son and then create FrmNewEmployeeDetails and mark it as FrmEmployeeDetails 's son. :) –  JAiro Mar 3 '11 at 20:05

Change the line



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