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When I have quotes that are not in an attribute do I need to encode them using "?

Which is correct? Exhibit A or Exhibit B?

Exhibit A

    <name> Bertha </name>
    <description> Good boat.  10 feet long.  "Fixer-upper"</description>

Exhibit B

    <name> Bertha </name>
    <description> Good boat.  10 feet long.  &quot;Fixer-upper&quot;</description>
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Both of your examples are valid.

You only need &quot; inside an attribute value; a " character would close the attribute early.

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More specifically — an attribute value delimited with double quotes. foo='bar " baz' is fine. –  Quentin Mar 3 '11 at 20:38

Both are correct and valid XML.

There is no need to use &quote; within text nodes.

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From MSDN:

&quot; must be used for an attribute value, but a straight quotation mark (") is acceptable as the content of an element.

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