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I'm writing a Windows Form Application, that makes extensive use of datagridview and others .net components. When I run the application on a Win 7, it always crashes, saying the qtcore4.dll library is missing. My question is: is this a normal behaviour? and this is happening only to me? and what does that library do?

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qtcore4.dll is not a .NET framework component. It is a 3rd party UI library. –  Mike Atlas Mar 3 '11 at 20:46
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Run Process Monitor and see where on disk it's trying to load qtcore4.dll.

Then make sure you have a copy of that .dll installed on disk in that location.

Otherwise, you may need to start shipping it with your application in the same directory as the run-time executable.

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Load the application into Dependency Walker which will show you which other dll is trying to use it -- assuming it is not loaded via LoadLibrary(), in which case Mike's suggestion of using Process Monitor will be more useful

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