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Are there any python libraries that will let me plot z = f(x,y) where z is represented as the color in a densely rasterized image (as opposed to the color of a bunch of scatterplot points) ? If so, what function do I use?

It looks like some of the contour functions in matplotlib.pyplot come close to what I want, but they draw contour lines and I don't want that.

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You can also look at this sample which was produced by MathGL (GPL library):

the sample

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broken link.... –  cheshirekow Sep 10 '12 at 23:01

Take a look at the documentation for pcolor or imshow in matplotlib.

Another good place to start is take a look at the matplotlib gallery and see if there is a plot type that matches what you are looking for and then use the sample code as a jumping off point for your own work:


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those or matshow. –  Autoplectic Mar 3 '11 at 20:52

here's a concrete simple example (works also for functions which can't take matrix arguments for x and y):

# the function to be plotted
def func(x,y):

import pylab

# define the grid over which the function should be plotted (xx and yy are matrices)
xx, yy = pylab.meshgrid(
    pylab.linspace(-3,3, 101),
    pylab.linspace(-3,3, 101))

# fill a matrix with the function values
zz = pylab.zeros(xx.shape)
for i in range(xx.shape[0]):
    for j in range(xx.shape[0]):
        zz[i,j] = func(xx[i,j], yy[i,j])

# plot the calculated function values

# and a color bar to show the correspondence between function value and color

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