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Hope there is not an answer yet (I've checked). Can I introduce a login View in my application that enables a SplitView by using a button or something? I've checked MGSplitViewController, but I'd like to use something more light and minimal. If it's not possible, can I introduce a login View in my DetaiView that enables a TableView?

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You can transition between arbitrary view controllers in iOS. The usual ways are using modal presentation (I like to present splash screens with a cross-dissolve animation to the root view controller of the app), or pushing/popping with navigation controllers. You can also programatically swap between multiple views in a view controller via setting the "view" property.

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Thank you so much! I actually solved my problem by present login view modally, and by using fullScreen as presentationStyle generic user doesn't mind about the fact it's a modal view! – b3by Mar 31 '11 at 14:29

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