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How do I validate one field which is dependent on another field?

  xtype:          'textfield',
  name:           'name2',
  vtype:          'type',      // how to write the validation code for this if it 
                               // depends on the value of another field?
  allowBlank:     false
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By adding your own custom validator and therein perform your validation.

var field_one = new Ext.form.TextField({
    name: 'field_one',
    fieldLabel: 'Field one'

var field_two = new Ext.form.TextField({
    name: 'field_two',
    fieldLabel: 'Field two'
    validator: function(value){
        if(field_one.getValue() != value) {
            return 'Error! Value not identical to field one';
        } else {
            return true;
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good answer, but how to perform the validation in another place, e.g inside the action listener of another button. –  fastcodejava Mar 4 '11 at 2:58
That's also possible but you'll have to get references to your elements through scope or Ext.getCmp() if you are in a button handler. And then perform the validation and manually mark the fields as invalid with field.markInvalid('...') –  ChrisR Mar 9 '11 at 7:16
With regards to @ChrisR comment about getting a reference. Chances are your fields are in the same container. So you can easily get a reference to the other field inside the validator function. this inside the function is the textfield on which the validator is configured. Get a reference to the other field using: var otherField = this.up().down('field[name=field_one]') (ExtJS 4) –  Christiaan Westerbeek Oct 29 at 9:51

field definition:

monitorValid:     true,
}, {
  xtype:          'textfield',
  name:           'name1',
  ref:            'name1',

}, {
  xtype:          'textfield',
  name:           'name2',
  ref:            'name2',
  allowBlank:     false,

next in initComponent (or listener if you preffer):

this.name2.on ( 'change', this._validate_name2, this );

and define handler in FormPanel:

this._validate_name2: function ( ) {
   if ( this.name1.getValue () == this.name2.getValue () ) {
      this.name2.markInvalid ( 'field does not match name1' );
      this.name2.setValue ( null );

"markInvalid () method does not cause the Field's validate method to return false if the value does pass validation. So simply marking a Field as invalid will not prevent submission of forms submitted with the Ext.form.Action.Submit.clientValidation option set."

For this reason combination allowBlank and setValue ( null ) will break validation

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