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I have an iPhone 3G running iOS 4.2.1.

I have installed the correct provisioning profiles in the Xcode environment through the organizer tool. The iPhone device has also been checked and setup for development.

When I build my iPhone application, I am getting a message displaying that the "iPhone OS device connected is not provisioned".

I have Xcode 3.2.3 with the iPhone SDK 4.0 installed. Is this problem? Do I need to upgrade to Xcode 3.2.5 with iPhone SDK 4.2 to make this work?

Thanks for any advice.


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I find provisioning problems are most easily debugging in x-code's organizer, check for problems there by selecting the device. – NWCoder Mar 3 '11 at 23:26

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Yes, you won't be able to use the XCode distribution for iOS4.0 to provision to a device that is running iOS4.2. You'll want to upgrade your XCode distribution and then this should work just fine.

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