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it is possible to show a link to the raw image in popup window of Fancybox?

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I did this here: http://photocontest.highpoint.edu/

I had to hack/customize Fancybox to achieve this.

The biggest problem I had was that Fancybox creates clickable areas to go to the next/previous images. These clickable areas take 100% of vertical space. That means you couldn't click on links below FancyBox. It took a bit of jQuery to manipulate CSS to work around that.

This is my javascript function to fix Fancybox CSS:

function fix_fancybox_css() {
  if ($("div#fancybox-content a").length>0) {
    $("#fancybox-left, #fancybox-right").css({
      'height':Math.floor($("div#fancybox-content a:visible").position().top)+'px',
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I assume you are trying to display the URL along with the image in a popup window. I haven't used Fancybox myself but there is a similar jQuery lightbox clone called prettyPhoto which is very simple to use. You can add your own content (URL in your case) as a description for the image which appears just below the image in the popup. You can check out a demo on its website.

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Sure. Check out the inline examples on fancybox.net. They're just HTML.

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