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I am not new to regex but have come across a problem I can't seem to solve. I'm trying to locate a specific HTML tag that has a specific attribute/value pair (it may have other attributes, too, but those are optional), extract it's contents as a backreference and wrap a new custom tag around it. The original tag is:

<p backgroundColor="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" lineHeight="18" paragraphSpaceAfter="15" paragraphSpaceBefore="15" fontSize="24">This is my second paragraph, with some <span fontStyle="italic">inline stuff</span>too.</p>

I'd like to get it to be:

<custom_heading>This is my second paragraph, with some <span fontStyle="italic">inline stuff</span>too.</custom_heading>

The expression I'm currently using is this:

r = new RegExp("<p[^<]*backgroundColor=\"#0066cc\"[^>?]*\>","gi");

This works fine (replacing only the opening tag) until I then try and add the content, and closing tag:


The above results in no match, no replacement at all. Please help! I have managed to replace several other tags (and preserve their contents via backreference, like so:

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I tweaked the formatting, but the question seems to be incomplete. Did you hit "Send" by accident or something? – Alan Moore Mar 4 '11 at 0:29

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If the short regex works, the long one should, too--unless there are newlines between the <p> and </p>. Have you tried it with ([\s\S]*?) instead of (.*?)?

Also, you've got [^<]* and [^>?]* in your original regex, neither of which seems right. I suspect they should both be [^>]*.

EDIT: It appears AS3 supports the s modifier for dotall mode (a.k.a. single-line or dot-matches-newlines mode), which is nice. ActionScript supposedly implements the ECMAScript standard, which (as of version 3) does not support a dotall mode, necessitating the [\s\S] hack we all know and love from JavaScript regexes.

That being the case, your regex doesn't need to be changed at all:

r = new RegExp("<p[^>]*backgroundColor=\"#0066cc\"[^>]*>(.*?)</p>","gis");
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