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I know it's possible in PHP to have "variable" variables. For example

$x = "variable";
$$x = "hello, world!";
echo $variable; // displays "hello, world!"

Is this possible in javascript? How would it be done?

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Well, sort of. If you set the variable as a property of an object:

var obj = {} = 42;

var bar = 'foo';

Works easily for global variables as they are set as properties of the window object.

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If you are desperate to do this you can either try using eval():

var data = "testVariable";
eval("var temp_" + data + "=123;");

Or using the window object:

var data = "testVariable";
window["temp_" + data] = 123;
alert(window["temp_" + data]);

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+1 for the window solution – DanMan May 14 '13 at 13:53

Of course you can, but don't. The variables have to be global.

var killingFunction = 'alert'
var killMeNow = 'please'
var please = 'You have been killed!'
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var vars = {};
var var_name = "str";
vars[var_name] = "working";
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To reference a variable in javascript with only a string, you can use


You can set and reference variables, and objects in variables too.

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We can use like this.

var objectName[key]{

If you want to get value of value so you can use loop

for(key in objectName){

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