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I am working on a simple multi module maven project under Eclipse using m2eclipse with maven 3 and jetty plugin version 7. One of my module is a jar and the other module is a war which has a dependency on the jar.

Even though the workspace dependency resolution is enabled, the call to mvn jetty:run fails if I don't run mvn install before.

Having read about workspace dependency, I am not sure why a call to mvn install is required. I would like to be able to run the jetty plugin without installing the artifacts to my local repository. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Possible duplicate of… – Raghuram Mar 4 '11 at 4:27
My question is specifically about using the Jetty maven plugin from Eclipse with m2Eclipse. The link that you provide is useful but does not quite answer the question. – Guillaume Belrose Mar 4 '11 at 8:51

There is an integration module between m2eclipse and the WTP (Web Tool Platform).

WTP allow starting Jetty/Tomcat/... from Eclipse, debugging inside Eclipse, redeploy on change,...

Here is it: m2eclipse Extras

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