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I'm trying to implements the geo-autocomplete with the jQuery, jquery.autocomplete_geomod and geo_autocomplete plugins and the Google Maps API V2.

In parallel, we're migrating to the V3, so don't be scared to say that my problem is due to the version 2.

So, I need the lat/long returned by the autocomplete, to center my map on this coordinates... but I didn't success to do that !

There's a part of my code. Don't hesitate to ask me questions.

$().ready(function() {

    var mygc = new google.maps.Geocoder();

    var loc = $('#location').geo_autocomplete(mygc, {
        mapkey: '<?$GOOGLE_KEY?>',
        geocoder_address: true

      }).result(function(_event, _data){
                    alert( "latitude : " + results[0] );
                   //alert( "longitude : " + results[0].geometry.location.lng() );



Guillaume from France

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In ui.geo_autocomplete.js add a location variable _location = _result.geometry.location to the _parsed results.

Something like this:

    value: _place,
    label: _result.formatted_address,
    viewport: _result.geometry.viewport,
    location: _location

Then you can access it from _ui.item.geometry.location.

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Extend the ui.geo_autocomplete.js at line 73 with location: _result.geometry.location:

value: _place,
label: _result.formatted_address,
viewport: _result.geometry.viewport,
location: _result.geometry.location

You can access these variable for example with the alert() method like this:

    geocoder_region: 'Germany',
    geocoder_types: "locality,political,sublocality,neighborhood",
    mapheight: 100, mapwidth: 200, maptype: 'hybrid',
     select: function(event, ui) {
    return false;

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