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I've just come across an issue recently where I want new types injected into the requested type every time it is resolved.

The current code I have to register the type is

container.RegisterType<IFirstT, FirstT>();

container.RegisterType<ISecondT, SecondT>();

container.RegisterType<IInjectableT, InjectableT>()
          new InjectionConstructor(

I've now come to realise that the same injection constructor is being used every time I resolve the IInjectableT.

Is it possible that the InjectionConstructor will create new Dependencies everytime with unity?

I realise that I can just resolve the dependencies inside of the constructor of InjectableT and achieve the same thing, however I was intending for the IOC to controll this type of behaviour and choose if a new instance should be injected or an existing one passed to it.

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Just found that if I use typeOf(T) instead of container.Resolve<T>() in the InjectionConstructor I get the result I'm after – Andrew Mar 4 '11 at 0:40
If you already resolved the issue, you should either: 1. provide a real answer and accept it so that it's easier to see that this question has been answered. 2. delete the question. – Mark Seemann Mar 4 '11 at 8:23
While it resolved my issue I wanted the best solution known. I wasn't sure that my answer was the most correct one or just a work around. – Andrew Mar 24 '11 at 23:34
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You should use ResolvedParameter:

container.RegisterType<IInjectableT, InjectableT>(
          new InjectionConstructor(
                  new ResolvedParameter<IFirstT>(),
                  new ResolvedParameter<ISecondT>()
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